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Marc Ooms - Biographie

Marc Ooms - Biographie

Marc Ooms - The Arts

Marc Ooms (Se rendre sur le profil de Marc Ooms) closely tracks the contemporary art industry to remain educated concerning the newest art. He values, enjoys and observes various separate forms of art as a hobby. Over the years, Marc Ooms has developed a huge captivation with the arts.

The Basics about Marc Ooms

The majority of Marc Ooms's younger years were enjoyed with his kin in Ganshoren, Brussels. His dad managed a business which was involved with the import of fruit and veg. In Ganshoren, Brussels, his mum held a well-thought of position at the Family and Social Affairs department. Marc Ooms was born on the 18th of November 1951 in Etterbeek, Belgium.

The Fruit Farm Group - What's Next?

Just like the vast majority of flourishing establishments, The Fruit Farm Group has many big, bold and exciting plans for the future. By working closely with local producers, The Fruit Farm Group and Marc Ooms desire to encourage communities. Long-term sustainability and social dedication are extremely critical to the group's strategies.

The Fruit Farm Group and Marc Ooms

Marc Ooms, along with The Fruit Farm Company, strive to make use of local farmers and growers to assure the high quality of the items they deliver to worldwide customers and clients. The organisation has gained a position in six distinct countries that span across three continents. They have accumulated about 5,700 hectares, 3,900 of them are utilised for fruit cultivation.