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Marc Ooms -

Marc Ooms -

Marc Ooms ( 's dad possessed a company that was associated with importing veggies and fruit. Today, he's a warm, caring and proud parent to three daughters and has numerous grandchildren. He experienced his existence as the first son and stayed at home with his father, mother and his siblings.

The Fruit Farm Group and Marc Ooms

They have roughly 5,700 hectares, 3,900 of them are utilised for the growing of fruit. The organisation has built a presence in six distinctive countries that span three continents. The Fruit Farm Company, alongside Marc Ooms, try to make room for local cultivators and farmers to offer the superb standard of the goods they offer to worldwide clients and customers. Marc Ooms, along with others, originally established the Fruit Farm Group in the year 2014.

The Bright Future of The Fruit Farm group

Marc Ooms and countless other shareholders are ensuring the future of the firm with long-term sustainability. By working tightly with local growers, he and The Fruit Farm Group desire to develop communities. Shareholders just like him are looking to reinforce the communities they work intimately with as they continue on to build the business. It would seem that Marc Ooms has a pretty vibrant, active and fulfilling tomorrow with The Fruit Farm Group.

At one stage during his career, Marc Ooms kept a managing position with a recognised investment firm. In time, he made General Partner at what was among the chief private brokers in the whole of Belgium at the time. Marc Ooms grew up around the fruit and vegetable establishment that was owned by his dad. A while ago, he was one of the first to become concerned with research which evaluated the performance of the stock market in Brussels.

Marc Ooms diligently observes the current art trade to stay educated concerning the hottest art. He enjoys and appreciates multiple unique types of art as a hobby. Marc Ooms regularly attends an array of art fairs and museums.