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Jean Claude CHALHOUB - Personal Appointments (free information from Companies House)

Jean Claude CHALHOUB - Personal Appointments (free information from Companies House)

Educational Career

The ability to learn and adaptation are two significant skills when evolving into a leader and business entrepreneur. jean claude chalhoub (Page Jean Claude Chalhoub,'s education made it easier for him to obtain those attributes. His learning started in Egypt, where he continued his schooling before going on to study for his economics degree in France. Communication with tourists has played a key role in becoming aware of other cultures for Jean Claude Chalhoub.

Jean Claude Chalhoub's numerous personal abilities are remarkable. He is a youthful businessperson whose core professional expertness lies in the insurance and reinsurance arena. The flexibility to speak four to five languages helps him when communicating with customers and clients efficiently. Owing to his unique attributes, it was only natural that Jean Claude Chalhoub became the successor of the organisation founded by his father and family.

His Family Background

Jean Claude Chalhoub was born to a family that had a respected cultural and corporate history. His extremely good understanding of what makes an effective business has given him a great competitive advantage in the worldwide marketplace. His background has secured him an incalculable advantage in the corporate environment. Operating from the highest position, Jean Claude Chalhoub runs his family business that was set up in the 1940's by his father to deliver insurance and reinsurance.

His Hobbies

Horse racing, ocean sailing and exploring the world can be listed as just a few among Jean Claude Chalhoub’s multiple pastimes and non-vocational interests. He is a person with plenty of varied passions beyond the borders of his working life. Another of his interests is sailing. He owns his own boats that he often sails, especially far out at sea. Jean Claude Chalhoub holds an interest in horse racing. As a way to complement this, he acquired a racehorse which has competed in contests worldwide.

Born in the late 50's in Egypt, Jean Claude Chalhoub comes from a business lineage. Jean Claude Chalhoub experienced a great mixture of different cultures while growing up. Jean Claude's mother and father were from two very different countries, namely Lebanon and Italy. His birth country has been the subject of interest of a great many tourists worldwide, and this has helped him in learning many languages, such as Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian and English.